In these troubled times where all seems doom and gloom every time you look at or listen to the news, Skipton appears to be doing better than most. There are quieter days and times throughout the week, but generally the visitor footfall is still very healthy, bars and restaurants look as though they are still thriving, and the mood is reasonably upbeat.

We went out for a meal on Tuesday evening and OK, it was Valentine's Day, but the number of people in and waiting to get in the place was quite staggering. The atmosphere was buzzing, and it seemed as though the people inside really didn't have a care in the world. 

If you listen to the dismal drone of the newscasters, you would think the world is literally about to end, and maybe that's it, people rebelling and having one last hoorah? Or is it, dare I suggest, that some are coping better than suggested? It would be nice to think so certainly.

We know there are individuals and businesses that are suffering disproportionately and some really are struggling to survive, but that has always been the case. The current economic trends serve to highlight and exacerbate such problems. For those who are enduring great hardship, one cannot help but feel sympathy.

Our little market town, the jewel in the Yorkshire Dales crown, is always a popular tourist destination and is proving no exception now. For those who live and work here, although maybe not totally rosy, the future looks a good deal better than bleak!

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